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Before and after

Drag the cursor

You will see the original photograph transformed into a surreal artwork. Whether used for advertising, for exhibitions or for decorating your home, every surreal photograph is created with mastery in digital graphics. Starting from a pre-established concept, the vision of Fabio Napoli, turns into a work photographing multiple objects and people, to merge them into a single work. Here 'Tailor Grandpa' work created with over 600 photographs taken in the studio, multiple selected for the fusion in Photoshop in over 150 levels.

Master in Photoshop

Every single element of this photo is included in post production in a exquisite way . The giant needle, derived from a macro photo of the needle itself. The creation of the support as a reference for the tear, the hand replaced to show a more harmoniously lit one. They are all the result of work and dedication, aiming for perfection.


Pixel level perfection

In this video you can see how I created the artwork 'Garlic Grandma', starting from a subject and real elements in the studio. With the fusion of hair with garlic braid, with meticulous outline at the pixel level, to create a unique and personal concept.

Some Advertising Videos

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