Housing Solution

Housing Solution

In collaboration with Datacolor.

Housing Solution is a editing work made with real pictures taken on different locations.
The choice to not use stock images but real picture only, give me that unique and authintic way to create and elaborate in flexibility my works.
Then with Datacolor Colorchecker I’ve been able to create this editing work without having colour troubles, and get esquisite reality in my capture expecially for skin color .
Indeed an image ready to print on large format.
Datacolor Colorchecker: http://amzn.to/2u09ZeQ

Datacolor website: http://www.datacolor.com




A new amazing collaboration

Huion GT 190

For professionals wannabe Huion GT 190, one of the best quality price, entry level interactive drawing tablet where you can actually draw with a dedicated stylus.

With its 19 inches LCD monitor touch screen, has got the might potential to be your first drawing tablet and make you have a step up in your productions. Making them even more fun.

For me 19 inches sounded small on a first sight, but unboxing made, I changed my mind and only had to say that is fantastic, because is supposed to be a monitor where you are having your hands literally upon the screen and with its affordable price makes possible your own step up without giving an arm and a leg tho.

In the past we all saw in the market different types of drawing tablets and I personally worked on different types back in the days from my first model that was not a monitor indeed, just a tablet, to the business dedicate types.

And I can tell you prices are enormous out there and can keep many people away that want to give it a try. Indeed this tablet I’m speaking with is not for professionals, but for a first approach to the drawing surfices world.

Ideated for drowers, artists and who need to have a more accurate control using directely the screen as main input, because instead of drawing on paper then transfer on your computer you start drawing on your computer directly from the start, GT 190 is a great working surfice for photographer’s editing too expecilly for who wants to get into a new way to make small edits or photo manipulation.

Giving you a smoother and sensitive touch in Photoshop and other pro progs in order to speed up the editing process making it quite more fun and precise.

Moving on a screen is a very different experience.

One of the things that impressed me on GT 190 is that keeping a low price they used great built quality.

You can test out Huion GT 190 with just 400 bucks,so without making a big investment, you get your dream thing that and compared to other tablets right there , this is actually a pretty good price and in the box you get every thing that you need to get started right away.

We are not talking of an IPS colour sensitive screen, so the viewing angle tho is quite restrictive, you pretty much have to be square right in front of the screen.

But again we are talking of a device for entry level people not for professional. And in my case I’ll be using GT 190 for main editings , and use my main monitor to check colours of the scenes that needs to be more colour sensitive.

I haven’t had any issue with photoshop, illustrator, after effect and other pro software I do use.

It works works just fine and integrated perfectly.
In details integrates greatly with windows machines with system drivers and on Mac needs original drivers from Huion to be used.

But after all is better install original drivers on all devices you need to use it.


Now let’s see some specs entering in details.

  • Wide screen 19” that mounts an LCD panel on to give you that sparkling brightness,
  • 16:10 aspect ratio that I’m sure will give you extra room for your creativity
  • Because is ideated for people that just want have a first approach, doesn’t mount HD pannel but a 720p.

after all delivers clear detailed images even for a 720p, what you get is just a more pixelated image that doesn’t really effect your work itself, unless you need a more performing screen for professional use.

In this case we’ll be talking in future of other touch monitors made by Huion.

  • 1440 x 900 pixels, 250 cd/m2, displays 16.7 million colors with high 1000:1 contrast.
  • Viewing Angle: Horizontal 170° , Vertical 150°;
  • Connects via VGA/DVI ports and can work with dual or multiple monitors.
  • Needs to be plugged via USB to have it as touch surfice, without the USB plugged in your computer, you can still use it as secondary monitor.
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/XP, Mac OS X10.8.0 and above
  • Comes with a GT-P80 rechargeable stylus that recognises 2048 pressure levels and is incredibly lightweight and fully covered by very fine rubber, comfortable to hold in your hand.

For a promotional period Huion is giving straight in the box an extra pen working with a AAA battery and a very cool 2 finger glow that make your hand more smooth on the glass surfice.

Is not needed by the way for a correct use, due the fact that this screen is activated just via stylus, to give you more accurancy.

I do actually prefere use the stylus with AAA battery, because is lightly hevyer.

I found myself very comfortable using Huion GT 190, more smoother working in studio, and delivery my clients a different sensation when they watch me working on it.

Indeed a great item to test out. Give it a try, and let me know in comments below what you think about Huion GT 190 and what is your experience.

Positive, negative, what Huoin needs to improve in future products, write us a comment below on what you think about it.

Thank you and see you next video.

Fabio Napoli

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Fomito in studio with John Lennon’s sister ?

Guest sponsor in my studio: Fomito.

Fomito is company selling photography gears in many countries. In this video I explain how to use a flash holder with hot shoe and umbrella hole. Particularly well done, because not in plastic but full metal. This flash holder gave me more flexibility during the shoots I made with model Annabella.

My advice is buy for professional use just heavy duty equipment , to avoid the issue of having it broke when you need.

So far fomito is having great prices and selling in collaboration with Amazon and with their own ecommerce, they can give more customers support.

Thanks to www.fomito.com and www.datacolor.com for making this video possible, catch you next video that is scheduled Saturday 15th April at 7:00PM.

Stay tuned.

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a Roaring photoshoot roarretail.co.uk

A Roaring photoshoot


Our roaring evening began with a jaw-dropping photoshoot that took centre stage at our brand new photo studio, all for the U.K. based animal-shape rucksacks company: RoarRetail.co.uk.
Founded by Mr. Rickesh Advani and Miss. Aysha Goodwin, the basic concept of this inspiring new company is to bring smiles into people’s lives.
Selling Items that focus not only on looking great, but that evoke vibrant sensations and bringing happiness into an otherwise often grey life.
Offering all this, whilst supporting the preservation of ‘Big Cats’ in their natural habitats; unique, captivating and philanthropic.
All this and more washed over me as I first opened the huge parcel RoarRetail.co.uk sent me, delivering surprises and excitement for me and my team.
From all the amazing reactions I’ve had with people seeing these backpacks, I’m confident people in London and throughout the EU should own these for parties and to bring a ‘roaring’ energy into day to day life, like Fridays at the office.
My inspiration for this shoot for RoarRetail comes from walking on central London’s bustling streets, my recent and fond memories. Stored in my mind these images remain vivid, hence months later, I was able to deliver the simple but effective ‘product in focus and model not’ concept for advertising these animal-head backpacks.
As the first of many others shoots for this great grassroots company, my video highlights how simply we organised the set just with three strobe lights in the studio.
Our fabulous model Giusy De Simone, was quite astonished by the bags and their quality, keeping her really excited throughout the photoshoot, creating the optimum mood to ‘shoot’ with.
Once we’ve finished this first series I’ll be doing a product shoot and still life photography for their website, in order to present the products online to offer a simple and clean finish to their marketing materials.
Advertising is what matters at Fabio Napoli Photography’s studio. And what we are swiftly achieving in this in our brand new studio.
Here at Fabio Napoli Photography we are passionate and dedicated to supplying and capturing each brands concept and image. We utilise a broad number of gears daily to make this happen, continually striving to offer new and innovative solutions to our growing client base.
One of the items exhibited within our video is the Spyder Checkr by Datacolor, a valuable compact masterpiece that increases the colour intensity in each shoot, offering the highest quality photography and marrying most closely to viewing with the naked eye, to produce the most real and natural representations available.
Indeed my thanks goes to Datacolor.co.uk, for sponsoring and making possible this YouTube version of our shots.
Stay tuned to see more videos, with more products reviews and analysis.
Get in contact to be our guest and hire the studio.
Otherwise, see you here next time!
Stay tuned and support our work by subscribing to our Fabio Napoli Photography Channel.
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Crouch End Free

Fabio Napoli offer free professional headshots!

Crouch End people, it sounds too good to be true?

And fortunately it is, our lucky Crouch End is now entitled to free professional headshots from Fabio Napoli Photography, for their linkedin giving their profiles the much needed boost! Launching #CrouchEndSnap tour, Fabio Napoli is travelling upon request throughout Crouch End with his camera, offering our Crouch Enders updated professional profile pictures and advice to improve their social profiles to who request it. Offering a fast service, those lucky enough to attend join the back of the line and wait for their turn in front of the lens. Included in the service is a last minute touch up , providing all attendees the opportunity to brush their hair and touch up their make up. Provided with plenty of tips and information, the tour starts off by reminding participants that LinkedIn and socials profiles with profile pictures get approximately 14 times more views! Now that is impressive, and something we always encouraged when creating clients perfect first impression!

Update your LinkedIn profile today!

As stated above, Fabio Napoli Photography aim to provide you with the highest quality first impression. Specialising in headshot photography for your LinkedIn and social profiles. If you are still using a photo of you and a glass of wine, or a picture from your holiday it may well be time to update your profile. Book a free headshot or a private shoot with us today and bring your profile to life. Watch as your profile gets more views, connections and networking opportunities.

If you are fortunate to catch us at an event we also provide a brief free service for you to get a taster of Fabio Napoli Photography. Providing a quick 5 minute shoot and your own private gallery, you will walk away with a brand new image ready for your social networking profiles. Bring your profile to life with a professional, confident image to open up the doors to social networking.

Family portrait in Belfast, Ireland

Family Portrait

Family portrait in Ormeu Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland

A lovely indian couple decided to hire me as their photographer in Belfast, Ireland. They were using to live in London and struggled from the city they decided to not have any photographer for their wedding.
Several years later, having seen my works they decided to bring back to reality their dream to have a family portrait and this time their lovely son was part of ‘the day’ already past.
“Thanks Fabio” – they said touched- “you made us remember the day of our marriage!”.
I’m really glad to have met such nice people.

1 hour Photo shoot
Photoshoot in One Hour in Finsbury Park , London Wedding Photographer in London covering the whole of the UK. I specialise in a blend of relaxed and creative portraits and a documentary approach to capturing weddings. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, I’d love to hear from you. It’s also a great honour to be hired from you

one hour photoshoot

This photoshoot is a sample of how I work in just one hour, have a look on my photos on just clicking on this facebook link that will bring you on my page.
Camilla Knight , an Italian girl , decided to hire me for her lookbook . On our side was gorgeous the spring set of Finsbury Park.

Home Hire Bartender


Whether you are after some personal glamour or sensual photos, or you just need to build a professional portfolio, our experienced and published glamour and fashion photographers will help you to create the look you desire by using the latest photographic techniques in various poses and styles like… Glamour, Pinup, Burlesque, Fashion, and Boudoir.


Whether you’re an established professional model and looking to update your existing model portfolio, or an aspiring model who’s starting out and looking for a fashion photographer to shoot your model portfolio our experienced photographer will help you with the variety of different styles and looks and give you model posing guidance throughout the shoot to get the best out of you. This portfolio shoots are also very popular for all artists like, Actors, Singers, Musician, Dancers and anyone who needs a professional portfolio.


Home Hire Bartender ‘ s Spots are all published, watch them all click here

Overseas collaborations

Fabio Napoli Photography is now twinned with the Houston (U.S.) company A Far Sight Enterteinment.
discover more about this amazing company.

IN OUR STUDIO OR AT A LOCATIONYou can have your private glamour photo shoot in our relaxed and friendly London studio or at a location of your choice. If you decide to have your photo shoot outdoors but you’re not sure of a place, we can help you find the right location. We believe that very aspect of glamour and fashion photography should complement another, the make-up, the hair style, the outfit, the theme, and of course the location, everything has to sync with each other. When we choose a location for the shoot we have to consider more than just its look, the right location will have a huge impact on the photos, it can add as much visual appeal to the photos as the model and her outfit. Your private photo shoot can be anywhere in UK and Europe, in exclusive hotel rooms, villas, factories, beaches, parks, rivers, etc.
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