About me

Photographer and Digital Photography Artist

I value individuality and understand that each client's style is specific to them. Whatever the assignment I strive to attain a personal connection through my personality, energy and passion that I put into my work.

About me:

I have been doing photography since 1996, when in our countryside villa my father introduced me in the fine art of black and white print and shoot with film cameras.

That sunny summer I learned how beautiful and important is the light for a photographer, how many wonders you can do with the right ideas and the right subjects.

What I didn’t expected is that holding a camera few years later would be my job.

In 2008 I become offcially a photographer, getting a job in a local photostudio of my city as light assistant, and main photographer for small events.

Growing up step by step I was trained as wedding and portrait photographer on professional DSLR cameras.

Several years of updating courses and trainings on Adobe softwares made me strong in different styles of photography: Portrait, family portraits, weddings, glam, commercial, property and last not but not least fine digital art.

I’m currently a Nikon guy because my background in studio, but I still love use my Pentax manual lenses and keep using other cameras of all types and brand from digital to different formats of film.

When in 2014 I moved in London I realised that finally I’ve got new and different challenge in my hands:

Keep having an Italian network and a new Londoner network and having been doing photography here for people coming from different countries, religions and backgrounds,and having now been able to pick up calls all around UK, IT and EU. My challenge is be a borderless photographer, able to travel worldwide, keeping creating with a very dynamic state of mind.